Bi-Fold Brochure Library

What You Need to Know About Bi-Fold Brochure Layouts

If you are somewhat familiar with brochures, you should already know that there are different types of them and that one of the most popular ones is called a bi-fold brochure. These kinds of brochure are basically a sheet of paper which is folded in half and thus produces a bi-fold. It has four panels and both sides of the sheet of paper are printed on.

You should also know that brochures need a design so that thr content is well organized and the main idea is easy to understand. This is why the bi-fold brochure layout is just as important as deciding what content you are going to put on your brochure and the paper that you choose to print it on.

For some designers and professionals, the layout or design is the most important part of any brochure, as without it, you would not be able to create something that everyone will enjoy. Today, there are several methods for getting a professional looking design or layout for your brochure and we are going to tell you more about each of them here.

How to Find the Perfect Bi-Fold Brochure Layout for You

As mentioned above, there are several different ways, for someone to find a layout or design for their brochure and these are some of them:

  • Create a layout/design for your brochure on your home computer
  • Use a pre-designed layout/design for your brochure
  • Hire a professional designer or design agency

A Homemade Bi-Fold Brochure Design

Creating your own bi-fold brochure layout or design might sound like an excellent idea, but most of the time, you will not end up with the results that you have imagined in your head. Using designing tools on your computer is not as easy as it seems and it does require lots of practice before you can achieve some decent looking results.

If you are creating a brochure to find your lost pet or want to promote your garage band without spending a lot of money, designing your own brochure layout at home with your computer might be the way to go, but if you are a business manager or really want to have a marketing campaign that looks professional, then you must consider one of the next two choices.

A Pre-Designed Bi-Fold Brochure Layout

Today, there are many places and methods for finding a pre-designed layout or design for your brochure. The Internet is obviously the best place to start looking for a brochure layout, as you only need to do a simple search in any browser and you will find thousands of templates to choose from. Some of these templates or layouts will be available for free, while others will be available for a price.

Some of the websites, companies or designers who offer pre-designed bi-fold brochure layouts will require you to become a member or pay a monthly fee in order to have access to all of their templates. This will give you the opportunity to switch templates at any time and to have a large selection at your disposal. Others will require a one-time payment in order for you to get access to their brochure layouts, yet these prices may sometimes be out of your reach and the layouts may not be exactly what you are looking for.

Another problem with finding pre designed brochure layouts and design on the web (or somewhere else) is that you will not have an original design and that people may sometimes notice this. Having a brochure design which is identical to that of another company’s or brochure can create a negative effect on your marketing campaign and brochures.

Hiring a Professional Designer to Help With Your Bi-Fold Brochure Layouts

The best way to have a great looking and original brochure design or layout is always to hire a professional designer who has the experience and knowledge in creating these types of documents. While this may not be the cheapest option and it may be out of your budget, it will certainly yield the best results and you will surely get a bi-fold brochure layout that you love.

A specialized designer or agency will always have the tools and skills that you need for an excellent looking brochure layout. Designers will also work with you towards finding the best brochure layout and adding the most interesting content to it. Working with a professional designer should really make things easier for you and your brochures will certainly look more professional in no time at all.

Every designer will have a different price for creating a brochure layout or design, but with a little patience and good research skills, you are sure to find one that meets your needs and that is within your budget.


As you can see, there are several ways to create your layout or design for your next bi-fold brochure and all of them can yield amazing results if you plan appropriately and follow some tips by the experts.

Deciding how you will get your layout or create your brochure design is only the first step in this marketing process, but once you complete it, everything else should flow quite easily. So make sure you start your planning before you actually choose a bi-fold brochure layout and you will be fine afterwards.

Just remember that a professional designer or an agency that specializes in these sorts of marketing services will always be your best choice, as they have the experience that you are looking for and they will also be able to recommend the best brochure layout for your personal case. Even if you do have to spend some money on hiring them and paying for their services, you will surely be happier with the final results and you will save a lot of your time, which you can use to work on something else and increase your profits even more.

How to Choose the Best Designs for Your Bi-Fold Brochure

Are you currently thinking of creating a bi-fold brochure to promote your business, service or event? If this is so, you should definitely keep on reading, because we are going to explain which are the best bi-fold brochure designs out there and how you can improve your brochure, in almost no time at all, while saving some money at the same time.

You probably already have an idea of what you want your brochure to look like, but if you are not an expert at designing these kinds of marketing materials, you will most likely have a hard time ending up with the results that you want. This is why you should consider some of the best designs that we are going to talk about here and why you should also consider hiring a professional designer, so they can help you achieve the best possible results.

Types of Bi-Fold Brochure Designs

As you can imagine, there are many different types of bi-fold brochure designs to choose from and this is why we want to tell you a bit more about some of the best. The brochure designs that we are going to share with you below, are just some examples of the brochure layouts or templates that you can find out there, but there are certainly plenty more and your imagination might even come up with new ideas.

Three of the Most Popular Bi-Fold Brochure Designs

The following are considered to be some of the best brochure designs by some and even though they might be simple, they certainly look very nice and professional.

  1. One Color and White Bi-Fold Design - This layout is basically a two color design and it can easily be done by almost any designer. One side of the sheet of paper should be one color and the other side should be white. This will create a beautiful brochure once the paper sheet is folded appropriately and your content will look very professional.
  2. Simple Brochure Template - There are many different kinds of simple brochure layouts out there, but one that you could use is a white paper sheet, with only a colored bar at the top and/or bottom. The bars could measure a few inches wide and this will also add professionalism to your brochure. The white background will make your content easy to read and this is one of the main goals when creating one of these marketing materials.
  3. Minimalist Brochure Template - This layout may be considered complex by some, but the reality is that it is nothing more than a white sheet of paper, with a few squares, rectangles and circles in the background. The content will also look quite well here and the background could be changed for other colors as well.

Creative Bi-Fold Brochure Designs

As mentioned above, there are many designs for brochures out there and the best ones will be those that you like and that get your message out to as many people as possible. If you are a creative person, you might be able to come up with an original template for your brochure, as there are plenty of computer software programs which can help you with this, but the results might not be as good as when you hire a specialized designer or agency.

There is also the possibility to hire a computer savvy person or a freelancer that you know to help you come up with a creative bi-fold brochure, but most of the time, these people do not have the experience that is needed to create a professional business looking brochure and as you probably know, sometimes trying to save some money results in huge mistakes.

When it comes up to designing creative bi-fold brochure designs, there is nothing better than hiring an agency or designer that has worked on such projects before and that has developed certain skills over the years. Even if you think that creating a brochure isn’t that hard, there are many little things that you must take into consideration and a professional designer or agency has a lot of experience with this.

Not only will they be able to design an original and creative brochure for you, but they will also be able to give you pointers and ideas on what works best and what results you can expect.

Picking the Best Bi-Fold Brochure Designs

There are really many brochure designs that can be considered great or out of the ordinary and the ones that are best for you will depend solely on what your goals are and what you expect to achieve with this marketing strategy.

Only a true professional brochure designer can really tell you which are the best designs for your special case and consulting a brochure designer before committing to the project is usually free. Yes you read right, there are many professional brochure designers and agencies which will give you a free quote and sometimes even provide you with some sample templates, so you can look at their work.

Being on the lookout for some of these opportunities can really save you a lot of money and can also help you to find the best brochure designer for you. Your location and budget will also be important factors in this decision, but remember that, in order to get the best bi-fold brochure designs, it is always a good idea to trust the experts.

Once you get your brochure design, you will surely be glad that you contacted one of the best professional brochure designer agencies out there and your marketing campaign’s results will surely be more positive as well.

Find Some Examples of Bi-Fold Brochures

Sometimes getting ideas is not that simple and this is why we must look in many places to find things to inspire us. When trying to create brochures, getting new ideas is very important, as without these you will not be able to design your own brochure.

Today, there are plenty of ways for anyone to get new ideas, but the Internet is certainly one of the best. Finding brochure examples in the web is very easy and there are now so many that you will not be able to choose only one. Looking at brochure examples is an excellent way to get new ideas for your own brochure and it should also help you to plan for a successful marketing campaign.

There are many websites which specialize in uploading new brochure examples all of the time, so that people who are planning to create their own brochures can find a useful download and template. Some of these websites let you look at their brochure examples for free, while others will charge you for being a member or for every download that you make.

You can also find blogs and websites which describe some of the best brochures out there and that even show you some pictures. Some of these blogs and websites also describe the process that was followed to create those brochures and this should be an excellent way for anyone to get new ideas and create their own brochures.

Even if you are not a very creative person or are not very good with computers, you can be certain that some of the bi-fold brochure examples out there will give you better and more ideas for designing a brochure of your own. Whether you are looking for a very simple brochure or are thinking of something really complicated, there are now many examples from where to get ideas and you should start looking right away.

You will eventually find some bi-fold brochure examples that might work for you or that look something like what you have imagined for your brochures. The next step will be to download some of those brochure examples and to edit them for your own content. This may actually sound simpler than it really is, but with a lot of hard work and perseverance, almost anyone can create a good looking brochure, at least for personal use.

Using Bi-Fold Brochure Examples

Like we just mentioned above, it is very easy to find thousands of brochure examples online and there are many which will actually work for you. Some of them will be easier to edit than others, but all of them should help to increase your motivation and they should also give you more ideas for designing a brochure of your own, or requesting a brochure to an agency.

Editing and printing brochures is the hardest part of this marketing process, as computer software is needed and high quality printers are useful as well. Choosing between the different paper styles, sizes and designs that are out there, is also a hard part of this marketing process and this cannot usually be solved by looking at brochure examples in the web.

Bi-fold brochure design ideas and examples are easy to find, but the difficult part is using them for your own purpose. Not only will you have to spend a lot of time drawing, planning, sketching, and on the computer, but you will also have to be there when you are printing, as printers can sometimes fail and this would cause your brochures to come out bad.

The best way to edit and get the brochures that you want is to hire an expert or professional designer. There are plenty of designing agencies out there and most of them can even provide you with some free bi-fold brochure examples for you to look at and compare. We are one of these designing agencies and we know what it takes to create a top quality brochure.

Designing teams like ours have spent many years working with computer software and other tools that are needed to create professional looking brochures. We have very creative minds, which will always come up with unique brochure designs and who will always give you more options to make your final draft better.

Downloading and using bi-fold brochure examples from the Internet might be a good idea for some and it might be a very simple thing to do, but you will never have a 100% unique brochure and this can be negative for any business or cause. Not having original brochures can become a problem because you might break some copyright laws, your competitors may want to diminish your brochures saying that they are copies of other brochures and your clients might find the examples online too, which would not make your business look professional.

This is why hiring a professional designer or a designing agency will always be the best option for creating the best bi-fold brochures to promote yourself or your business. First of all, you will not have to look for brochure examples yourself. You will also not have to plan as much and you will certainly not need to come up with as many ideas. You will focus on your core business, which is probably what you do better.

Our designers will also take care of printing your brochures if you want and this means that you will not have to stand by your printer while it is working on your brochures. Designing agencies like ours can also offer you some of the best quality paper and can also recommend the best paper for your specific brochure. Some bi-fold brochure designs will look a lot better on some types of papers and this is something that most amateur designers or freelancers do not know about.

You could certainly try looking for some bi-fold brochure examples on the web and then giving them to your professional designer or agency, so they can get an idea of what you are looking for. This would actually be helpful for both parts, as you will end up with a brochure design that you really like and your designer will not have to start creating your brochure from scratch.

As you can see by all of this, designing brochures is not just about going on the web, finding a design that you like and simply editing it. There is a lot more about designing professional looking brochures than you think and this is why consulting a professional designing team like ours will always be your best decision. Even if you do spend a little more money than hiring an amateur designer or finding some brochure examples on your own, the final result will surely be much better and your brochures will increase the number of people that are interested in what you have to offer.

Creating a Perfect Bi-Fold Brochure

Bi-fold brochures are an excellent marketing tool and they have been used for many years now. There are different ways that bi-fold brochures can help you to get a message out there, but you must first design them and make sure that they look good. This will ensure that people like them and that they will get interested in what you have to tell them.

Today, there are plenty of ways for you to get a decent brochure, but you will definitely get a more professional brochure if you hire a professional designer or a designing agency. Businesses like ours can help to create high quality bi-fold brochures, increasing your brand awareness and helping you sell more.

An easy way for any business or person to see how their brochure might end up looking like would be to ask for some bi-fold brochure mockups, which professional designers or designing agencies like ours offer for free to everyone.

Yes you read right, there are some professional designers and designing agencies which offer free brochure samples to everyone. Opportunities like these will not only let you choose the perfect design for your brochure, but it will also allow you to choose the best designer for your specific project.

Getting the Most Out Of Your Bi-Fold Brochure Drafts

Not all of us are creative or computer savvy people and sometimes it is very difficult to come up with a brochure design that you really enjoy. You might also not have enough time to sit down and try to come up with a bi-fold brochure design of your own, which is why hiring a specialized designer or designing agency is always a smart thing to do. Graphic design takes years to master, and there is certainly a quality difference in a brochure you can design at the office and one designed by a professional design agency.

Not only will you get better brochure designs in the end, but you will also save lots of time, stress and some money too. Hiring freelancers or student designers is not the best way to go and this may end up costing you a whole lot more than if you decided to contact a professional designer since the beginning.

As said before, many professional design agencies give out free bi-fold brochure drafts to possible clients and this is something that freelancers or student designers will almost never offer. Brochure drafts are really a huge advantage, especially if you are starting a marketing campaign that you obviously want to have success with.

Handing out brochures has been a very useful marketing tool for a long time now, but in order for this to be successful you must first plan accordingly and brochure drafts are certainly a great help. If your designer provides free drafts, you will have the opportunity to choose between different graphics and layouts, and you will also have the chance to get a very close idea of the final brochure without having to spend much at all.

Just imagine what it would be like to print out a lot of brochures, only to find out that you are not comfortable with their final look and that your message is not what you expected. This could not only waste a lot of your time, but it could also cost you a lot and productivity would be dropped too.

If your designer offers you some free brochure drafts, you should definitely take them because this will also allow you to see how the designer works and what their creativity is like. By accepting some free brochure mockups, you will also get the chance to test out different kinds of styles, different brochure sizes, different fonts, different colors and more. All of this should give you enough information about how a certain designer works, what to expect from them and what your final drafts will look like.

Bi-Fold Brochure Mockups Are a Magnificent Idea

As you can see, hiring a professional designer to help you come up with a professional looking brochure is an excellent idea and accepting some free bi-fold brochure drafts is even better.

Overall, by getting some brochure samples before you actually commit to a project will save you lots of money, lots of time and it will yield better results at the end. Many people and businesses have taken advantage of promoting themselves with brochures over the years and most of them have been successful. This means that your brochures will also help you to grow and that if you have a nice looking bi-fold brochure, you will be even more successful.

Make sure that you select the person who is going to design your bi-fold brochures for you carefully, as this is probably the most important part of making this marketing strategy successful. Once you have found a designer or designing agency which you can easily work with and that is within your budget, you will see how easy it is to create professional looking brochures which will get your message out there.

Steps for Creating a Bi-Fold Brochure

bi-fold brochure or a half-fold brochure is one of the most popular types of brochures out there and they are also one of the best marketing tools that you will find right now. These types of brochures are as popular as tri-fold brochures, because they are easy to design, they are easier to fold and they are also easy to read for everyone.

Half-fold brochures are definitely more versatile than other multi fold brochures and they are also more helpful than other advertising techniques, like business cards or short ads on the web.

Because they are simple to design and create, bi-fold brochures are excellent for presenting any business or service provider. This marketing tool is excellent for a short presentation, but it can also be adjusted to create a very informative document. Bi-fold brochures actually do have a lot of space to add content to and this means that anyone can easily explain what they want other to know about.

Different Ways to Design a Bi-Fold Brochure

As you can probably imagine, there are many ways for anyone to learn how to design a bi-fold brochure and there are several methods for creating them too. The following are some of the paths that you can choose from to get a brochure of your own:

  • Design your bi-fold brochure on your own
  • Download brochure templates or examples from the web and edit them
  • Hire an amateur graphic designer or freelancer to design the brochure for you
  • Hire a professional graphic designer or graphic design agency

If you are a creative person and are comfortable working with computers and other designing tools, then you might be capable of designing your own bi-fold brochure (or any other type of brochure). This is however a lot of work and if you want to end up with a professional looking brochure, then you must really know what you are doing. Knowing how to use Photoshop is way different than being a graphic designer. As an analogy, think of MS Word and a professional writer.

Downloading brochure templates or examples from the web is a rather simple technique for creating a brochure of your own, but it also requires you to work quite hard and there are lots of things that you must do, before you can start handing your brochures out. When downloading brochure samples and templates from the web, you will have to choose from thousands of options and you will also have to edit them, so that your content shows on your brochures. This means that you must also be a creative person and know your way around computers, so that you can end up with a brochure that really works. Another problem with this brochure creating method is that you will not have a very unique brochure, as other businesses and people have surely used some of those templates before. Being original is something that every business should strive for and using pre-made brochures, is certainly not going to help towards this.

Hiring amateur graphic designers or freelancers is another method for creating nice looking brochures and many of them will surely deliver quality brochures for a good price. The problem with this method is that they are not experts in this field, that they have not graduated from a graphic design school and that they do not have access to all of the designing tools that are available today for design agencies. This means that your brochures will suffer in the end and that even though you might get a very original brochure, as well as a professional looking brochure, there will always be something missing here. Sometimes, amateur graphic designers and freelancers will not meet their deadlines and this could cause your business to lose clients. Copyrights are also a possible source for problems.

Hiring professional graphic designers and agencies is the best way to go when you want to design a professional bi-fold brochure for a business. This is a sure bet, because professional graphic designers have graduated from college or university and they are experts in designing brochures and other similar marketing materials. They have the tools and computer software programs that are required for designing high quality and professional brochures. Graphic design agencies like ours will never miss a deadline and we will also offer you many things that amateur graphic designers will not, like free brochure drafts, creative guidance, access to stock photography, and much more.

Ask About How to Design a Bi-Fold Brochure

Even if you believe that you can design your own brochures or if you don’t want to spend a lot of money and prefer to hire an amateur graphic designer, you should really first ask a professional designer about how to design a bi-fold brochure, because this will give you a better idea of what this process involves. They will provide you with some bi-fold brochure examples and they will also give you a quote for their services.

This should really get you going with your brochure marketing campaign and you will find that professional graphic design agencies like ours are really not that more expensive than hiring an amateur graphic designer or freelancer, who do not have the experience and tools that we have available for you.

Professional graphic designers like us are always happy to talk to you and we are always ready to provide you with the best results. We know how to explain the brochure designing process perfectly, we know how to design a bi-fold brochure, we know how to deliver original and high quality brochures all of the time and we also know that your brochures will be a very important part of your business, which is why we will be completely serious about them.

Learning About Bi-Fold Brochure Sizes

Brochures are a very important part of many marketing campaigns and they are now known as a very successful marketing tool because they provide an excellent way for anyone to get their message out there. Bi-fold brochures are some of the most commonly used brochures today and this is due to the fact that they are easy to make and they also look very nice.

In this article, you will learn all there is to know about bi-fold brochure sizes and what you could do with some of these. Knowing more about these brochure sizes will not only allow you to design a better brochure, but it can also help you to save some money.

So keep on reading and find out all there is to know about brochure sizes and what you can do with them.

The Brochure Content

The main size of your bi-fold brochure will mostly depend on the content that you add to it. If you want pictures and large fonts, you will need to pick one of the larger sizes, but if you only want to publish some little information, it may be possible to choose some of the smallest sizes of paper for your brochure.

Sometimes, the organization of information is simple and there are no problems picking the right paper size for your project. On other occasions, this might be more difficult. Under any case, remember that the size of your brochure will make a huge difference on how people perceive the message.

Bi-Fold Brochure Measurements

Depending on what part of the world you live in, you will probably have access to different sizes of papers and this means that brochure measurements will vary from country to country. In the US and Canada, large sized brochures (flat open sizes), can range from 17"w x 11"h to 25.5"w x 11"h and smaller sized brochures can be found in sizes like 8.5"w x 5.5"h to 14"w x 8.5"h.

All of these sizes are perfect for creating a professional bi-fold brochure and even if your content does not fill the entire sheet of paper, it is possible that your design will look very nice. One of the most important parts of creating a successful brochure is choosing its size and this will all depend on the type of paper that you have available, what kind of paper you want your brochure to be printed on, the colors that you are going to choose and the size that you want your brochure to be.

Most of the time, larger brochure sizes are used to introduce a company, describe a product entirely or as best as possible. Larger sized brochures are also used to describe the process or services that a business offers and to share important information – ie. specs, stats, etc.

Smaller sized brochures are commonly used for sharing a small business’ profile, its short term plans or specific products / services. These brochures are also used to present an event, invite people, and other similar things.

No matter what your brochure is going to be about, you really need to consider the size of the paper that it will be printed on, as this will determine a lot of things, such as the main design, the cost, how the people who see it will handle it and even the methods of delivering them.

You should also remember that you can create a bi-fold brochure out of almost any size of paper and that a professional designer or an agency that specializes in these sorts of marketing services will always have the best solutions for you.

Brochure Page Layout

Once you have decided which paper size is best for your brochure, you will be able to pick a page layout or design. This is what will grab the reader’s attention and it is certainly also one of the most important steps in your brochure creation process. No matter what type of content you want to print on your brochures, you must pick a layout or design that fits your business or message. This will encourage people to read your brochure and to actually act on your message.

Remember that there is no wrong paper size for your brochure, but you really do need to think about the layout and design, so that all of your content can fit into your brochure and so people can read it with ease. There is no point in handing out millions of brochures and getting thousands of people to read them, if they are not going to understand the message or they are not going to enjoy its design.

Pick a Bi-Fold Brochure Size That You Are Comfortable With

In the end, it will come down to a size that allows the contents to fit in, but also a size and layout that you like and that makes you feel the most comfortable. If you like certain bi-fold brochure sizes and want to get that size, even if it isn’t the most logical option, you should try and get it, because if you do not like your brochure, you will not feel comfortable handing it out to people and that is certainly not the goal of this marketing tool.

As long as you can find a paper size that you can afford and that are comfortable with for your bi-fold brochure, you should be good to go and ready to start adding your content to it. While some people think that choosing a paper size for a brochure is one of the hardest things to do, you will be amazed at how easy this can be sometimes and how well your brochure will look.

If you really cannot make a decision, you should try printing out your brochure in different paper sizes and this should allow you to pick the one that you like the best. If price is of no concern to you, then you should have no problem picking among the different bi-fold brochure sizes out there.

Choosing the Perfect Templates for Your Brochures

Marketing strategies and tools are fundamental for any business or entrepreneur. If you are reading this, you are probably thinking of creating some brochures of your own or about hiring someone to create some for you. We want to tell you more about the benefits of having a professional designer or agency helping you to design your brochure templates and why it is an excellent idea to do so.

Don’t Hire a Freelancer or Amateur Designer to Help You with Your Brochures

While using pre-made brochure templates is a very economical way of getting brochures out on the street, it is usually not the best method as you will not have a unique bi-fold brochure and it is hard to pick the correct template from all of the pre-made brochures that you can find out there.

Hiring an amateur designer or a freelancer might sound like a great option for getting some unique and pretty looking brochures, but the reality is that this method fails most of the times. Yes, it is true that there are plenty of capable freelancers and amateur designers out there, but many times they will take longer to create a professional looking bi-fold brochure or they may have a hard time coming up with a brochure template that you really like.

It is also true that amateur designers and freelancers usually don’t have access to all of the materials and tools that most professional designers and agencies have, which means that they will not be able to provide you with some of the things that you need and are looking for.

Some freelancers and amateur designers will not have anywhere near the experience that a professional designer or designing agency have and this means that they might not be able to highlight your brand or content appropriately, thus your brochure will not send out the idea that you want to get out.

Designing agencies almost always have college graduates and technicians in their team, which means that they are more than qualified for creating some professional looking bi-fold brochure templates for you. These agencies also create templates that are personalized for each client, which means that you will never get a duplicate or have problems with copyrights. You will also have original bi-fold brochures, as mentioned above, and this means that your company or message will be easily distinguishable from the rest. This will also help to increase your brand awareness and it will also make your company or message more popular.

Professional designers and designing agencies like ours are a wiser choice when it comes to finding bi-fold brochure templates for publisher tasks and this is why you should plan ahead, so you can get the brochures that you really desire.

Different Types of Bi-Fold Brochure Template Formats

Just as there are different types of paper sizes that are used for creating brochures, there are also different types of brochure template formats which you can get from a professional designer or designing agency. The format that you choose will help the designer or technician to create a template that works right for you and that shows off your content beautifully.

The following are some of the types of brochure template formats that designing agencies like ours can offer you:

  • Bi-Fold Brochure Templates in PSD Format - This format involves using PhotoShop and files with layered images. PhotoShop Documents (PSD) can be hard to handle sometimes and this is why trusting a professional designer is always the best decision. Some PhotoShop tools require a lot of expertise and there are also many functions, which most people do not know about. PSD documents or brochure templates end up looking very nice and some of the editing that can be done with this software is simply amazing.
  • Bi-Fold Brochure Templates in AI Formats - AI stands for Adobe Illustrator. This is another computer software program which can help designers to create fantastic brochures. Its main advantage is that it allows you to create vector-based drawings, in a single page, with PDF or EPS formats.
  • Bi-Fold Brochure Templates for Word - Most of us are familiar with Microsoft Word, but most of us do not know how to use all of the features that it has available. Even though it’s not a professional design tool like Photoshop or Illustrator, you may need a Word template if you print and edit brochures very often, and quality is not that important. In this case (and only in this case), it may be a good idea to try and see if Word can do the job. It won’t be as high quality as other bi-fold brochure designs, but it may work.

No matter which of these formats you choose to work with, they all have their advantages.

Get Your Brochure Templates Today

As you have seen, designing bi-fold brochures is not as easy as one might think and there are many things involved with their design. With the help of a professional designing agency like ours, you will find this process a lot simpler and you will get even more useful ideas for making your brochures successful.

Spending a little more will leave you happier in the end and you will also save a lot of time and frustration. Hiring a professional designer to create your bi-fold brochure templates is really what every company should do if they want their brochures to stand out from the rest. So take a look at what we can do for you and soon you will have some original and high quality brochures. Our templates have worked wonderfully for other people and companies, which is why we are certain that we can help you to create a bi-fold brochure that you enjoy being the owner of.

Why Corporations Need a Good Bi-Fold Brochure Design

Every corporation, business or company needs to have a marketing plan in order to reach more people and get new clients. Without marketing plans and tools, corporations would not be as successful as they are and it would be hard for them to let people know about what they can offer them.

As you probably already know, brochures are an excellent marketing tool and they have been used by thousands of corporations around the world. Creating brochures and handing them out to people is very simple and it has proven to work wonderfully for getting corporate messages out in public.

Corporate bi-fold brochure design demands certain advanced techniques and this is why there are professional designers, technicians, college graduates and designing agencies which specialize in producing these types of designs.

People who have never worked on a corporate brochure or who have never been part of a marketing team will usually have problems when trying to create a brochure design, as there are many computer software programs, designs, templates, tools, applications, features and many other things, which are used to create high quality bi-fold corporate brochures.

Keep reading to find out more about why it is very important for corporations, associations or businesses to work with professional designers when trying to create a brochure of their own.

Corporate Brochures by Professional Designers

A corporation should always work towards delivering high quality products or services and this means that their marketing strategies should also be some of the best. There should really be no corporation that would hand out low quality bi-fold brochures and this is why we strongly recommend corporations to work with professional designers or agencies like ours.

It should be obvious that corporations need to have some of the top quality brochures in the market if they want to beat their competitors and let people know that they are better than the rest. Corporations with low quality brochures will have problems selling themselves, which is why it is so important to come up with designs that are competitive and unique.

Why Are Corporate Brochures a Strong Marketing Tool

As mentioned above, corporate brochures are printed documents which help corporations to reach out people and get new clients. Brochures are one of the strongest marketing tools out there because they allow corporations to interact with possible clients directly. It is an efficient and effective way to establish new communications and to reach its target audience. Bi-fold corporate brochures are a much better tool than electronic ads, printed ads, billboards and other common marketing tools out there.

Once a corporation has decided on which corporate bi-fold brochure design they will use, it is easy to promote any product or service. Billboards and other types of ads do not allow corporations to explain their products and services in detail, which is one of the reasons why corporations should think about adding brochures to their marketing strategies.

Some experts even believe that it is possible to reach more of a corporation’s target audience with brochures rather than with radio and television ads. In corporate brochures, it is simple to elaborate on what the corporation does, what they are offering and how they can satisfy certain needs in the society. Few other marketing tools provide all of this and if this technique has already been of great help to other businesses, it should be for yours too.

Corporations Should Definitely Hire Designing Agencies

We already mentioned the importance of brochures for corporations and as a marketing tool, but we also want to talk about the importance of corporations hiring specialized designers, instead of amateurs, students or freelancers.

Even if there are now many freelancers who could work with corporations to create a corporate bi-fold brochure design, the truth is that most of them do not have the degrees or experience for working on such projects. These types of brochures should really be designed by the experts, because corporations needs to have positive results, in the least amount of time possible.

Amateur designers, design students and freelancers will almost always take more time to finish their projects, because as mentioned above, most do not have the experience and tools that are required for such projects. Many are not accustomed to working with due dates. For corporations, due dates should be of huge importance, as timing can determine the impact of their products and services in a specific market.

This is where specialized designers, professional designers and designing agencies like ours come into play. We can definitely help corporations to design their bi-fold corporate brochures, we can deliver everything on time and we also have the experience that large businesses are looking for when it comes to designing high quality corporate brochures.

So if you are part of a corporation and their marketing team, it would be very wise to consider looking for the best designers, as this decision will result in far better brochures. Corporations should never try to save some money on their marketing tools because this is what will really increase their brand awareness and get them new clients.

Corporate bi-fold brochures are certainly a great option for any corporation or business and as we mentioned before, it is indispensable that they get a professional designer to help with this. In the end, everyone will be very pleased and the corporation’s productivity will surely also increase as well.

The Importance of Marketing Brochures

Advertising, promoting and marketing, all fit together and although there are many different ways for someone to increase their brand awareness, brochures have been a proven method for years and this is why we want to tell you more about them.

Brochures are basically sheets of papers, which are fold differently in order to create a nice looking advertisement. Brochures are very useful because they allow companies, service providers, or business, to promote what they have to offer and to explain it in a very explicit way. Other marketing methods, like online ads, magazine ads or newspaper ads, are not considered to be as useful as brochures, because those types of ads have a content limit and it is not possible to explain everything in detail.

With brochures, it is simple to add lots of interesting content, pictures, logos and other information, which will help the targeted audience to know more about a certain opportunity. This is essential for any business that wants to increase their overall sales.

Because most brochures are designed to look like a booklet, it is also easy for people to read them and to understand the idea that is trying to be explained to them. Bi-fold brochures are a very versatile marketing tool and you have probably already seen many examples of them. Many stores, office, service providers, and businesses have brochures at their front desk, explaining more about their services, their special promotions and more. These brochures generate more traffic, increase the popularity of a business and help to make sales.

As you can see, brochures are a very important part of any marketing strategy and if you are currently looking for ways to get your message out there, this is a certainly a marketing tool that you need to consider.

Downloading Useful Bi-Fold Brochure Templates or Designs

You probably already have an idea of how to create a brochure or that you can download templates from the web, which you can later customize and use for your plans. While it is true that you can find plenty of nice looking brochure templates and designs online, it is also true that customizing them and making them look like you imagine, is not always the easiest task of all. On the contrary, it is time consuming and the results are never that professional.

There are now probably thousands, if not millions of websites, where you can find some useful bi-fold brochure templates to download. Some of them are free, others will charge you per template that you download and others will require you to become a member and pay a fee.

Downloading these brochure templates is as simple as downloading any other file from the web and although there are plenty of designs to choose from, downloading some of these is not the best option there is.

As said above, it is not always as easy to customize one of these downloadable templates as one might think, which means that it will take you a lot of time, a lot of work and probably cause you a whole lot of stress. Designing brochures is something that is not for everyone and this is why there are people who have gone to school and learned the best techniques for creating a professional looking brochure.

Bi-fold brochure downloads may be great for those people or businesses who do not have any money to spend on a professional brochure designer or design agency. Unfortunately, no matter what type of brochure template you download and how nice does it seem at first, the final printed results are not even near a professionally designed brochure.

Professional designers can help businesses, corporations, and anyone else to create the highest quality brochures and to reach the target audience that is expected to be reached. Brochure design agencies focus on specific parts of every brochure, to make them original, interesting and useful as well.

When you download brochure templates, you will not get the virtue of having a unique brochure, which means that you might find other brochures similar to yours. This is certainly not good for any company, business or entrepreneur, as this will provide a sort of bad reputation and it will not allow them to distinguish themselves from the competition.

With the help of brochure design experts, you will not need to spend time searching the web for the best site to complete your bi-fold brochure download. You will not spend an exorbitant amount of money, like some may believe and you will get a brochure that has been designed specifically for your cause.

Downloading Brochures May Not Be the Best Option for You

So if you are currently managing a business or are part of a large corporation or marketing team, you should seriously consider hiring designing experts, because a bi-fold brochure download will never provide the high quality brochure that a design agency can provide for you.

Besides finding a brochure template that you like on the web and downloading it, you still have to customize it and you still have to print them out. Designing agencies take care of all this and they always meet clients’ demands.

Brochure design agencies know how important your brochures are for your cause and that they will be a fundamental part of your success. This is why we strongly recommend that you do not download bi-fold brochure designs if you want to increase your brand awareness and make your business a success.

A designing agency can provide you with some brochure drafts which will help you to decide what it is that you really want. The designs are always designed thinking about what each client asks for and this guarantees that your brochures will not look like anyone else’s.

If you are looking for a brochure for your business you will want to be sure to select the right style of brochure. There are a few styles that you will have to choose from when you are looking for the perfect brochure. One of these styles is the bi-fold brochure.

You see bi-fold brochures everywhere. They are easily the most popular choice for people who are looking for business brochures.

Bi-fold brochures are an economical way to present your products to your customers in an attractive way.


Brochure printing companies will usually offer the bi-fold brochures for a pretty reasonable price. The companies that offer brochure printing find these economical to print and that cost saving is passed on to the customer.

The reason for the economical benefit of bi-fold brochures is that they are a simple print that is folded in half. The quality of the paper that is used and the design elements on the brochure will add to the cost of the brochure printing. You will be able to choose these things accordingly when you are ordering your bi-fold brochures.

Common Bi-Fold Brochure Layouts

There can be a variety of bi-fold brochure designs that can be implemented. Typically the front part of the print will be the first page of the bi-fold brochures. The front page is very important because it displays and introduces the brochure to the consumer. This is the page that will entice someone to open up the brochure and read the contents. Make sure that the brochure printing properly displays the design that you wish to have on your front page.

The inner panels of bi-fold brochures are used for the content of the brochure. Here is where your businesses products will be displayed for sale to the customer. You will need to have a designed laid out that will properly show your items in the best light possible. The brochure designers will need to make sure that your design will work with the printed bi-fold brochures.

You might also want to hire a writer for the content on these pages. Having the inside properly and interestingly written can go a long way to selling your products. Bi-fold brochures are an easy project for an experienced copywriter.

A professional photographer or illustrator will also help. A picture is worth a thousand words, and they can really spice up a design.

The back of bi-fold brochures has also a purpose. On this page you will make sure that the designers include the contact information for your business. This is very important information. Your customers must be able to find you if they are going to do business with you.

The Brochure Printing Process

It is very important that you make the brochure printing company aware of any problems with your bi-fold brochures. Most likely you will have looked at the very first printed bi-fold brochure (sample or proof) and accepted the quality and accuracy of the material. If you were not allowed this option then the brochure printing company is responsible for the errors that are found in the final order. If the final product looks different than it did when you initially approved the first brochure you will want to get back to the brochure printing business to find out what happened and how they are going to fix the problem.

The bi-fold brochures are vital components in any system of marketing a professional business, since they have the primary function to present an organization and consolidate it in the market. A bi-fold brochure, i.e. a simple sheet folded in two, with a stunning design and a clear content that is an unstoppable tool to assist in representing a company. Bi-fold brochures are graphical pieces that are developed by expert graphic designers that can embody the values of an institution and can advertise their products to a large audience.

The continuing growth of the publishing market and the constant use of promotional posters, cards, postcards, and brochures show that even today, in the twenty-first century, within a technologically advanced world, people appreciate printed graphic materials. This is one of the reasons that the bi-folds are so widely used by all serious companies. A booklet of this type is an accessible way, and also an attractive way to present a company, show their products and services, provide contact information, and give body to the corporate identity. How better to offer to customers in commercial presentations, in local exhibitions, sent by mail or as excellent bi-folds designed by experts and printed with high quality? When a person encounters an eye-catching pamphlet that is clear, visually striking, printed on quality paper and it conveys an impression of quality, there is no doubt that you will feel that the company is serious, professional, and reliable. The public will keep the pamphlets in order to keep in touch with the company and establish commercial relations.

This website is specially thought to give general information and orientation relative to bi-fold brochures design. With our website, you will obtain the necessary guide for your bi-fold brochures to be effective and powerful. In the first place, we believe it is important to give a definition, i.e., we dedicate a section to explain what a bi-fold brochure is called in the graphic world. In it you will know the basic measures of these brochures, as well as the different applications that are given to those pieces: basically, bi-fold brochures function as promotional brochures, but also as file folders or as catalogs.

Another section is intended to present the basic criteria for the design of the bi-fold brochures themselves. On our website you will find extensive information about design, which will allow you then to hire professional designers to develop dazzling bi-fold brochures. We place emphasis on design, because we are convinced that it is essential to have basic knowledge to be able to work with the contracted designers. In the other sections you will find everything you need to know about presentation folders and bi-fold brochures: advantages, functions, measurements, formats and design tips. We invite you to start right now with the navigation of our website dedicated to the brochures folded in half, known as bi-fold brochures! Soon you will see that a bi-fold brochure is an excellent marketing option for your company, because of its affordable costs and its great communicative function.

Bi-fold brochure design involves a series of graphic skills, which only a professional can apply with maximum originality and corporate representation. A bi-fold brochure is primarily a communication tool that allows to present a company and to express its message to the public. So it is essential to obtain a quality piece, as it will become the visible face of an organization. The graphic designer is the person that will be able to perfectly combine the verbal and visual language to accomplish a great impact on the recipients. We dedicate this section to the main concepts when designing a bi-fold brochure, so that you will feel the very security of knowing at the time of hiring the services of a designer.


If you are thinking about making bi-fold brochures for your company, you should be clear about the corporate message you want to convey, because when the public has a brochure in its hands, it will consider the brochure as fully representative of the company. Professional designers carry out first a thorough research on the company, for which they will design a bi-folded brochure. This means that, in the initial stage of design, the professional comes into contact with the personnel of a company to know its activities and its philosophy and to define the general message to be communicated in the bi-fold brochure. Many times it is taken into account what is stated in previous bi-fold brochures or other promotional pieces, in order to establish continuity. But in other cases, when a company wants to renew and give another image, a new message is created according to the new institutional situation.

The corporate message is shown in a bi-fold brochure through the selected graphic elements (colors, pictures, backgrounds, lines, fonts, etc.) and the included text. A semiotics harmonious whole must be created that embodies the main idea of a company, i.e., its personality, values, mission, as well as the intention and the particular objective of the bi-fold brochure itself. As you can see, the message definition is crucial for the design, since the choices of the components are taken according to it.


The design of a bi-fold brochure, like any marketing tool, must always be thought in terms of not only a company, but also the type of public it targets. So, you already know, you have to point out the characteristics of the public which the company has already addressed or wants to address, to optimize the designers’ work. With the necessary information about the recipients (educational level, social sector, gender, age, cultural group, etc.) the designer will be able to make a bi-fold brochure come exactly to the desired people and will achieve that they feel fully identified with the aesthetics of it, and so with the company in general. A tri-fold brochure thought to have the public into account ensures that it identifies itself with the company and that it wants to keep the brochure to stay in touch.


Since the bi-fold brochures are brochures of high informative capacity, the text function is key to them. This means that if you want to have communicatively effective bi-fold brochures, you have to count on the help of a professional editor, who will work together with the designer to turn the brochure into a piece of resounding success. An editor takes care of expressing in words the perfect synthesis of all the performance of a company and its values. The bi-fold brochure quality heavily depends on the quality of the text presented. Above all, the content should be clear and synthetic. It is necessary to avoid vague and long sentences, since they become an obstacle for quick reading made by recipients. Only a bi-fold brochure that shows a text clear and informative at the same time, and only a text consisting of sentences of simple syntax and vocabulary accessible to the average public, can turn out to be a real communication tool. A bi-fold brochure with an interesting, short and grammatically appropriate text ensures that the target public reads and stores it. The formal or informal record will depend on the style of each company.

It is important to think of a bi-fold brochure text in terms of its panels, as each of them fulfills a specific role. On the front panel you should present a statement of maximum clarity and impact to attract the attention of the public and stay in its memory. So, it will ensure that when a person has a bi-fold brochure in its hands, it immediately understands what it is about and is curious to open it. The inside of a bi-fold brochure has to show in both panels a short but sufficiently informative text. It is essential for it to have coherence and to be properly organized, by separating it into paragraphs, headings, subheadings, bullets, graphical boxes, lines, etc. People will only read the bi-fold brochure if it has an interesting, grammatically appropriate and organized text. Finally, the panel at the back of the brochure is generally intended to show the contact information of the company: phone number, fax number, email address and institutional website, address, and hours of attention to the customer.


You may wonder what the main criterion for choosing the fonts of a bi-fold brochure is. Basically, you have to keep in mind its legibility, as the text has a central role in this type of brochures, and it is essential that it be easily legible. Classical fonts, such as Times, Helvetica or Bodoni are highly recommended, because they make the texts easily able to be read, whatever the size. On the other hand, to optimize legibility, it is important that the color of the letters contrast with the background.

The other criterion to consider is the aesthetic profile of the company. So, according to its style, it can be chosen fonts with serif (those with ends: Times, for example) to produce a more conventional image, or fonts without serif (those without ends: Helvetica or Arial) to generate a sensation of greater modernity. Designers avoid overloading a text with fonts, this is why they just choose one or two, maintaining the basic principle of simplicity. A text with much varied fonts generates confusion and seems aesthetically unharmonious. But it is recommended to set differences in the text by means of stylistic changes: bold, italic, underline, shadow, etc.


For a bi-fold brochure to be an attractive and commercially useful piece, it is essential that it shows photographs and/or quality illustrations. It is important not only to include images about products and services (as in a catalog) but also to show images of the facilities and personnel of the company. This way, the readers will feel the closeness of a company. Many times designers choose metaphorical images to represent the spirit of a company. Moreover, an image that has to always be present is the corporate logo, graphic essence of an organization.


The four panels that make up a conventional bi-fold brochure should have the same graphic sense to make the piece get recorded in the recipients’ minds. A fundamental panel is the front one, as it works as the bail that catches the look of the readers and gets them to open the brochure to keep reading. On the front face, there must be then a really captivating and memorable slogan, as well as the corporate logo and a representative image of the company’s activities. The design, in turn, must be eye-catching, so that it generates a great visual impact.

In the two inside panels, which have to be in harmony with the outside ones, it is necessary to include a clear and well organized text with frames, highlighted boxes, info graphs, and other resources that makes understanding easier. Besides, if the bi-fold brochure works as catalog, it is necessary that in the inside the products are presented by pictures and prices. The design of those panels should have an important amount of free space to make reading more lively and avoid confusion. The back face is generally used to provide the contact information of the company. Anyway, it is important to keep a homogeneous style all over the bi-fold brochure, as well as to make sure that each panel has an easily identifiable function.


When you are planning the design of a bi-fold brochure, it is important to take into consideration, in advance, how many colors are going to be used depending on printing and budget. Full color printing is highly recommended and nowadays very accessible. It is convenient to always be prudent when using the colors to avoid saturation. A successful design is a design that, before all, is simple and impressive at the same time. The best way to consolidate the identity of a company in the mind of the public and make it easily recognizable is to use the corporate colors in the bi-fold brochure.

If you have the possibility to have multicolor bi-fold brochures made, the options are many, which the designers can offer you. One of the most effective is combining colors that are soft or not vibrant, with strokes of bright colors. The soft chromatic palettes have the function to give the recipients’ eyes a rest, while the stronger colors are used to bring out different textual and graphic elements. In case that you can only use one color because of budgetary reasons, an excellent option is to make a design based on the spectrum of a very same color. The chosen color should be the most representative of a company (that is present, for example, in the logo, or referred to a product or central idea), because so, the corporate identity can be reinforced. The white and black bi-fold brochures, for their part, are a possible option if a little budget is at disposal. In this case, the design is crucial again, because it will depend on it to achieve an attractive and original piece without having the benefits common to the colors.


When designing a bi-fold brochure, one of the aspects that can be taken into account is the type of cut. This can be straight (also called orthogonal), such as those presented in the conventional bi-fold brochures, or irregular. The straight cut is performed with a guillotine, it is the most popular in all the printers, and because of that it is the cheapest. The irregular cut is the one that allows to obtain different edges of the paper sheet, i.e., different forms. So, a bi-fold brochure can present a diagonal cut at the upper edge, for example. It is a more expensive type of cut, because it implies using special machines that not all the printers have.


Traditional bi-fold brochures are folded into halves, in the manner of a book. However, there are other less conventional ways of folding that can be used to make a bi-fold brochure an extremely attractive brochure. One option consists in folding the paper diagonally, like a napkin. Another possibility is to fold the paper like a book, but without one side completely coinciding with the other. Another aspect to be considered by the graphic professional is that the design can have horizontal or vertical layout.


Since the bi-fold brochures are pieces whose function is to remain in hands of the recipients, it is essential that the chosen paper to print them be resistant. In addition, how a design will look like will depend on the type of paper that is chosen. This means that, taking into account that the design of a brochure is a complex task and requires a lot of dedication, it is crucial to use a quality paper when printing, so that the work of the designer is not wasted. Generally, by bi-fold brochures are used: illustration paper or cardboard, in either both cases 80# or 100#, glossy or matte. Paper with glossy finish always bring out colors more, while the matte finish increases the definition of the images and texts.


Laminating is a treatment that the paper gets after being printed and involves covering it with a plastic layer. It is recommended, in the case of making bi-fold brochures on a cardboard which does not have its own finish, neither glossy nor matte. A bi-fold brochure will not only be more attractive, but also will have a long useful life in the hands of the public. There are two types of laminating, glossy and matte, either effective in achieving a bi-fold brochure of the highest quality.

Within the category of bi-fold brochures, the presentation folders are included as a specific type. We are going to dedicate them a special section to account for their characteristics, advantages and design. Are you organizing a business presentation to present a new product or service? Do you want to provide promotional material of your company? Then, we recommend you to have presentation folders designed by graphic professionals. These folders are pieces of resistant paper/cardstock which are obtained by folding a sheet in half and have printed the name and logo of the institution. In their interior, they may have one or two pockets, which serve to hold loose sheets, called "inserts", in which the activities / products / services of a company are promoted. In addition to these sheets, tri-fold brochures, flyers and also personal cards and CDs / DVDs are usually included.

Many times, these folders have small flaps at the edges to prevent stored material from falling. Generally, also in one of the pockets there is usually a slot to place there the corresponding personal card. There are folders with small rectangles, which protrude from the superior right angle, that are ideal to be used as file folders. Other variants include a window on the front panel or, for example, a CD holder device. In any case, the basic function of these folders is to organize varied material of a company to present it in an elegant and serious way to the target public. A folder with a quality design, good printing level and clear inserts manages to create a really professional image of a company.


Presentation folders are one of the graphic pieces which are most requested by companies, since they have many advantages as a marketing tool. Generally, they are distributed in business meetings and in major business events. Here, we point out some of them so that you fully understand why it is convenient for you to have folders with great style for your organization:

  1. Presentation folders are promotional pieces of great effectiveness, since they present the corporate logo / design style and create an image of excellence to the public. The public will much more appreciate the material which is presented in a folder of great design and quality. Each folder manages to immediately capture the attention of the public. In addition, an attractive folder will be kept by the people after receiving it in a business presentation, so that the graphic representation of a company will permanently remain in contact with the public. Thus, the corporate identity will be strongly consolidated in the mind of the recipients.
  2. They serve to organize different printed materials of a company, which are offered to real and/or prospective customers. If you want to provide different promotional pieces to the public, you can create an organized and harmonious whole, presenting them in a folder.
  3. Folders protect the printed pieces which are included in his interior from touching and environmental conditions. In this way, both inserts as flyers, tri-fold brochures and personal cards are kept in excellent condition for a longer period of time.
  4. One of the main advantages of presentation folders is that they allow to save money, since in the case of having to modify information about the company, it is enough with reprinting the inserts only. Thus, the folders never stop serving - they can be used at all times since what varies are the printed materials which are included in their interior. To achieve that a folder can be used over the course of time, the designers generally choose to put in it just the name of the company and its logo, because they are the invariable components of a company. All the information that may change is included in the inserts, brochures, inserts and personal cards that are inside the folder.
  5. Presentation folder allow to provide various types of company information to different types of public. With the same folder, it is possible to create different marketing tools according to the characteristics and interests of the target public in each occasion. So, folders can be assembled with different inserts within them to lay the emphasis in certain aspects of the company (products and services), which are of interest of certain real and/or future clients. Presentation folders, combined with different groups of inserts and brochures, make it possible to personalize the speech / information according to the recipient. It is about an option that is ideal for the current world, in which day by day the target public of every company is becoming increasingly diverse and requires more specific information to make a choice. Presentation folders are an excellent marketing alternative.


It is time to point out some basic criteria for the design of folders and inserts, although before doing that, it becomes necessary to specify their more frequent measurements and types. The traditional or "original" folder consists of two double-sided panels, each of them 9" x 12". It has two V-shaped pockets, 4.25" high. This basic format is intended to include inserts with the size of a letter sheet (8.5" x 11"). The "original" folder offers variants: rounded edges, straight edges, 3.5" high pockets. There are folder with a single pocket to the left or right. For their part, pockets can take V-form, can be straight, diagonal or curved, or they can also be vertical (generally 4.25", but you may see them in any size). In the pockets, there may be a slot to place a personal business card. For the folder to be even more secure and to prevent the internal materials from falling, flaps can be added, which may be to the sides (right, left or both sides) and/or the top or bottom.

As for more special types of folders, there are those that have a spine, in such a way that they support a great volume of pieces inside without the folder becoming deformed, and allowing it to get open and close easily. There are also folders with windows on the front face that are ideal to generate curiosity in the recipients. A model of folder that is very used, beyond the aforementioned conventional types, is the one that is used for files. These brochures are distinguished by having an outstanding tab (printed or colored). In all cases, these pieces are of an enormous benefit to the organization they represent, and enormously useful to the public as well.

Now we present some guidelines that the professional designers have into account to develop folders of top level, and the inserts according to them. With this guide you will know why the experts recommend you certain things and not others. Here, then, some criteria to consider:

  1. Elements that cannot be missing on the cover of a folder are the name of the company and its logo. It is advisable to only include this information in the folder, so that the folder can be used at any time, regardless of the changes that occur in a company. All the information relating to the company has to be included in the inserts, as they are much cheaper to reprint in case of modifications. Companies that can more often have different folders made, or that want to count on a special folder only for a certain occasion, can play with a design that involves the relation folder-inserts. A possible idea is the one keeping a continuity between the cover and the inserts, by making either the phrase or the front image continue somehow in the inserts.
  2. The printing of the folders is usually more expensive than a simple brochure or insert, therefore it is necessary to decide, how many colors it is going to have. The full-color printing is ideal for white paper folders, since it is there, where the chromatic spectrum excels more. It is also a good option to print with a single color, either on white or on a special color cardstock. Anyway, it is essential that the used color palette corresponds to the corporate colors, to be able to reinforce the identity of the company in question. A lot of companies choose to present the logo and /or the name of the organization made in silvery or golden aluminum foil, thus obtaining a refined and attractive folder.
  3. As for the inserts, brochures, postcards and personal cards that will be included in a folder, it is crucial that they are designed in concordance with the style if this one, to achieve a piece that is comprehensive and harmonious as a whole. Cohesion is a must. The public will only feel that the folder is about a serious and reliable company if it shows consistent aesthetics. The colors, fonts, lines and images should have a continuity, some type of visual relation beyond the independence of each insert and their specific features.
  4. Each insert has to present a different content, focusing in different themes, aspects, products and services of a company. So, for example, a company dedicated to the production of food can make an insert with the description of the final product, other insert with the explanation of the production process, other one with the prices and special offers, etc.
  5. The text of the inserts should be concise, clear and compelling. Text must be organized in a simple way for the people to be able to read it quickly and without problems. Of course, the chosen fonts and colors should make the text legible.
  6. In each of the inserts, the contact information should be included, so that whatever the chosen piece is, people always have available the information of the company. It is not recommended to include this information in the folders, since the phone numbers of the email addresses can change, and if this happens, it would be necessary to reprint the folders. Moreover, the personal card should be always included, since it has a special format and is directly associated with the function of contact.
  7. For the inserts to last longer, it is recommendable to use glossy or matte illustration paper of 100# or more.

All companies and reputable institutions have a system of brochures designed by experts to promote their activities. From among the flyers and tri-fold pamphlets, bi-fold brochures stand out for their presence, their elegance, and their effectiveness. Above all, then, we must give a clear definition for them. A bi-fold brochure is a particular type of pamphlet, which you get by folding a sheet of paper in half. This means that the brochure has four sides or panels, two inside and two outside, although there are also varieties of bi-fold brochures that are folded in such a way as to get eight, twelve, or even more panels.

The bi-fold brochures play a key role: they present a company to the public, whether current or future clients, individuals or other companies. Literature of this type displays the values of an organization and its corporate philosophy both relative to production as well as toward the staff and customer service. Products and services of a company are advertised, it gives an account of the developments at a production, technological and institutional level, and, of course, it offers the complete contact information. The whole spirit of the company is reflected in the graphic sense of a bi-fold brochure developed by experts. One of the main advantages of these brochures is that they are promotional materials that are long lasting. Beyond the advancements of the web world, people appreciate these printed pieces, because they are practical: they can be consulted at any time to conduct business or to make queries. In addition, paper creates a sense of confidence, security, and proximity with respect to the organization.

Many times the bi-fold brochures are used for other specific functions. You can design bi-fold pamphlets in the style of small and economic catalogs, presenting a list of the products, services, news, prices, deals, promotional packages, and codes of the company. Of course, in these cases it is essential to include images of the advertised products. Another variant of the bi-fold brochures are presentation folders, which are large and include pockets for placing single sheets or "inserts," flyers, brochures and business cards. These folders are ideal for organizing different materials from the company in commercial shows, given that they produce a truly professional effect.

Besides just folders, which have special measurements and variants such as pockets, flaps and spines, as we elaborate on the corresponding page, it is important to be aware of the measurements of the conventional bi-fold brochures. The bi-folds have two basic sizes, the size of the letter sheet (open, it measures 8.5" x 11", with panels of 5.5" x 8.5" or 4.25" x 11") or a double letter sheet (this sheet measures 17" x 11", with panels that are 8.5" x 11"). The bi-fold brochures with the double letter sheet are ideal to attract more public attention and for use as catalogs. By folding the paper, you get four panels or pages. By stacking and stapling bi-fold brochures, you obtain brochures of eight panels, twelve panels or more.

It is necessary that these brochures have an excellent quality of printing, since otherwise the effort invested in the design will not bear fruit. A bi-fold brochure designed to impact will not do so if the paper, the colors, and the definition of the image does not have a good quality. The paper of the bi-fold brochures must be not only be attractive, but also sturdy sheets that are designed for constant use by the public over time. We recommend that you use a thick paper or cardstock, 80 #, 100# or heavier weight, either with glossy or matte finish. Small or medium runs of bi-folds are often made in order to distribute for corporate presentations, trade shows and exhibitions, or by mail to lists of previously selected recipients. A quality bi-fold brochure is always synonymous with professionalism and seriousness and this is what the public perceives. Therefore, remember to leave the design of your bi-folds in the hands of professional designers, because they will know how to capture the spirit of your company and reflect it in your brochures.

Finding the Inspiration That You Need For Your Brochures

Brochures are printed documents that are used for marketing purposes. Many businesses and people have already benefited from using this marketing tool and you can too. While bi-fold brochures or any type of brochure may look simple to design and to create, the truth is that brochures are harder to create than you think.

In order to design a successful brochure, a lot of inspiration is needed and in this article, we want to tell you a bit more about what you can do to improve your bi-fold brochure design inspiration.

Where Should You Look For Inspiration

There are many ways for a person to get inspired and create a beautiful looking brochure, but where you get this inspiration from will depend on what you want your brochure to achieve. Inspiration can come from things that you look at, things that you listen others talk about, or even your own imagination.

First, you should start by deciding what type of brochure you want to design. You might know that there are different types of brochures, but there are actually more than you can probably imagine. Today, it is possible to create a single sheet brochure, a bi-fold brochure, a tri-fold brochure and more. It is also possible to create different sized brochures, as there are several paper sizes around the world.

This means that you must first think about how large or small you want your brochure to be and you should also start thinking about the kind of paper that you want to use. After this, you will have to think about how you want your brochure to look, as you will need to select a type of font, a background, pictures and even the content that you will put on them.

Remember that what you pick should be based on what you want your final draft to look like and you should always stay focused on the topic, niche or industry that you are involved in. For example, if you are the owner of a toy store and want to create some brochures to promote your special deals during Christmas, you should select fonts, colors, background and pictures that are interesting for children and that will grab the attention of their parents as well. Your brochure should not have boring colors or pictures about fishing, hunting or riding a horse. This should help you to find inspiration for your bi-fold brochure templates, as it will reduce the number of things that you have to choose from and it will also help you to reach your target audience.

Using the Web to Find Bi-Fold Brochure Design Inspiration

As you can probably imagine, there is an infinite amount of inspiration in the web and you can certainly find some interesting brochure templates too. You could use the Internet to find some nice content for your brochures or some pictures of brochures, which you can then copy or create a similar brochure with.

This is certainly something that many people have done and some have achieved some good results. You could also find interesting tips and other ideas about creating brochures online, but most of the time, it would be better if you hire a professional designer or specialized designing agency, especially if you are taking your business in a professional way.

Hiring a professional design agency will save you a lot of time and trouble. If you are not a very creative person, you will most likely not be able to find inspiration anywhere or you will have a hard time doing it. Designing bi-fold brochures is also not as simple as many of us think and this is why many people have gone to college and learned about design.

Besides choosing the backgrounds and all of the things that we mentioned above, there are also customizing techniques and tasks, which not everyone is good at. Many of them are not known to the reader, but they certainly add to the professional look. In order for you to use one of the bi-fold templates that you find in the web, you will have to edit it so that you have an "original" brochure. Again, this is not as easy as you might think, as you will need to use computer software programs that have lots of features and that require some knowledge too.

Bi-fold brochure design inspiration is really a whole lot more than you can imagine and unless you have worked on other projects that require inspiration and creativity, you will probably not be able to create a professional and original brochure.

Let the experts help you find the inspiration that you are looking for and this will save you lots of stress. Your brochures will look much better, they will 100% unique and they will not have anything to do with any other brochures out there. This will help to increase your brand’s popularity and it will also help you to reach the people that you want to target.

Designer agencies like have the experience that you are looking for. They have very creative people in their team and this means that you will get some very inspirational bi-fold brochures in a few hours. Your work will also be reduced and professional designers can better guarantee that your brochures will be liked by your audience.

Brochures have been used as an information method for several decades now and they are certainly one of the most common marketing tools out there. Brochures are basically paper documents whose entire purpose is to inform the readers about something in particular.

Brochures can also be described as advertising materials or tools, which are used to either promote a business, a brand, a product, or a service. It is usually easy to find brochures in places where there are lots of businesses, tourists, or around certain neighborhoods. Some people consider brochures to be "grey literature", as they are not usually published formally and they are also short reads most of the time.

The distribution of brochures varies depending on the possibilities of every brochure creator or owner and these include handing them out on the street, delivering them at people’s homes, handing them out at schools, at businesses, and other places as well.

Bi-Fold Brochure Definition

One of the most common types of brochures out there is the bi-fold brochure, which is formed by a single sheet of paper which is folded into halves, after the information has been printed on its sides.

As you can see, this is a very simple brochure and this is also one of the main reasons why it has gained so much popularity over the years. A bi-fold brochure has four different pages, as information will be printed on both sides of the paper sheet and it will be folded in halves. This will create two different panels on each side and it will also give enough space to print information on, which also helps to make this kind of brochure look more professional and well organized.

Creating a Bi-Fold Brochure

These types of brochures can be created in many different ways and their design will depend on the type of information that will be shared or the technology that is available at the time. Today, there are many methods for printing out brochures and while someone could actually create a brochure with their printer at home, hiring someone with enough experience on brochure creation is usually the best way to go.

Brochures can be printed on almost any kind of paper, but professionals will usually print them on either high quality paper or cardstock, most times, glossy. This certainly adds personality and professionalism to any brochure, but the costs of producing them will also increase. Printing in white and black has also been used for many brochures, but with today’s technology, it is very simple to create a vivid colored brochure at a very low cost.

While many people use the terms brochures and flyers almost indistinctly, the main difference usually is their folding, quality of the paper and usage. While this is a gray area, flyers are usually printed sheets of paper with no folds. Brochures tend to be folded, look more professional and of better quality, although some businesses and people will produce some brochures on their own which do not look very nice.

So as you can see, brochures can be created in many ways and most of them are very simple. It does not matter if you have a large budget or if you are only going to be working with your printer at home, there is always a way to create a bi-fold brochure.

What Type of Content Goes Into a Bi-Fold Brochure

As said above, brochures are commonly used by businesses or people who want to share some important information with others. This can involve a new product or service, a new brand, some special promotions or simply information that someone believes will be useful for our communities.

Most of the time, one of these brochures will include images, logos or pictures on the first page and they will almost always include an interesting title, the name of the business that is creating the brochure or the name of a person. The first page must be designed thinking about grabbing people’s attention, as this is the only thing that will get them interested in the brochure and opening it.

There is no point in creating a brochure if people are not going to be interested in it and if they are not going to read the information that has been printed on it. This is why you must first plan what you are going to add to your brochure. It is also a good idea to organize the information, so it is easy to read and understand as well.

Choosing the font and the style of the brochure is also very important, as these things will add relevancy, professionalism and creativeness to your design. Make sure that your pictures are set in the right place, as this will also grab the attention of the reader and make your bi-fold brochure more interesting.

Don’t forget to add as many subtitles and bullet points as you possibly can, as this will also make your brochure look more organized and neat. This will also give readers a better idea of what your brochure is about and what the most important parts are.

Go On and Start Your Bi-Fold Brochure Today

So if you want to get the word out about something, one of these brochures is certainly a great option to let people know about it. This type of brochure is a very powerful marketing tool, it is not very expensive, it is does not take too long to create and they are also easy to distribute.

Just give it a try and you will see that your bi-fold brochure will reach out more people than you could ever have imagined. Soon, people will start calling you, visiting your website, buying your products or hiring you for your services and it will all be due to the brochure that you handed out.

It really does not matter what you want to promote or sell, a bi-fold brochure is an excellent option and it is certainly one of the marketing tools that every business should be using today.

Bi-fold brochures are often designed with a particular objective: to work as small catalogs. A catalog is a kind of brochure in which products and services are shown by means of images and textual descriptions, in order to promote and sell them. It is a selling tool really essential for companies, since it is a piece in which all the company production is in the hands of real clients and future ones as well. However, catalogs themselves usually have eight pages at least, and this fact makes them expensive to design and print. Furthermore, they have to be frequently renewed since it is necessary to incorporate novelties and changes of a company. For these reasons, a good option for reducing costs and for being able to regularly modify information is to make one bi-fold brochure for each different product category.

Bi-fold brochures of this type have specific characteristics, typical of conventional catalogs, but in a smaller space. They present objectives and principles of a company. They usually include images of the personnel and facilities to bring the organization closer to the public. They show, as in a showcase, photographs, illustrations, or renderings of products and/or fundamental services that a company wants to promote. In addition, next to the images is placed a brief description with the characteristics of the products, with their prices, codes and special offers. Technical products are often accompanied by short instructions about how to use them or with explanatory graphics as well. In the bi-fold brochures that function as catalogs, the contact information (telephone number, fax number, physical address, email address and the website), forms of payment and the opening hours to the client are included as well, as in any brochure.


Here we list the main advantages of having a catalog in the form of a bi-fold brochure. Above all, remember that with a bi-fold brochure of this type designed by professionals, you will be able to have an infallible marketing tool at low costs and with an excellent graphic quality. Writing down the benefits of the catalogs:

  1. Customers can consult a catalog repeatedly and there, they can thoroughly observe the different products and services, read their descriptions and get to know their prices. For these reasons, catalogs are graphical instruments that widely promote purchasing items.
  2. Bi-fold brochures used as catalogs are excellent means to present the production of a company to prospective clients. Thus, future clients can better know the company and have a general idea in a short time.
  3. Because of being printed material of high quality and resistance, people tend to keep them for a long time. This implies, that in this way a company stays close to its clients constantly.
  4. Bi-fold brochure-catalogs are pieces of design that work by themselves effectively, and also as supplements of other promotional instruments, such as brochures and websites.


Bi-fold brochures which are used as small catalogs, usually have the size of the conventional bi-fold brochures. Thus, they can have the measurement of a letter sheet (open, 8.5" x 11", with panels of 5.5" x 8.5" or 4.25" x 11"), or the one of a double letter sheet (open, 11" x 17", with panels of 8.5" x 11"). Sometimes, companies opt for making these brochures with sizes and formats that are less conventional to attract even more attention of the public. However, the traditional format and size are highly recommended in the case of bi-fold brochure-catalogs, since they allow maximum convenience, both for the readers when manipulating these pieces, and for carrying out the distribution by post.

What are the fundamental criteria that the graphic designers have in mind when developing a bi-fold brochure that will serve as a catalog? Some of the general guidelines that must be taken into consideration are:

Image of the company

As in all pieces of promotion, it is essential that the design strongly represents the identity of a company through all the graphic and textual elements. Each of the components of a bi-fold brochure, such as fonts, images, colors, lines, backgrounds, etc., should be part of a harmonious whole with the characteristic corporate style.

Front Panel

The front panel plays a key role in the bi-fold brochures, since it is the part that has the function to catch the look of the customers and make them open the brochure to keep reading. Therefore, on the front face, the name and logo of the company must be presented, as well as an attractive phrase and an attractive image that cause curiosity in readers and are memorable at the same time.


The two internal panels must have a design appropriate to the frontal panel and the back one. The general layout should be simple, with plenty of air, to allow that people can see the images and read the descriptions quickly. In the inside, photographs, illustrations or renderings of the products should be arranged in a clear and striking way. In addition, descriptions of the items should be presented. In the first panel, at the beginning, it is possible to include a brief introduction about the company and its principles.

Individual Photographs

In catalogs, it is very important to include individual photographs of the products offered by a company. It is also essential to avoid backgrounds to the photos, since they tend to cause confusion. Photographs of sets of products are not effective when promoting sales, since they do not clearly highlight any item. There are some exceptions: for certain products, it is convenient to take photographs showing a group of them. This happens, for example, with books, envelopes, pencils, etc.

Highlighted Photographs

A great way to make the in a catalog offered products turn out to be attractive is to highlight their photographs through various means: not using backgrounds, using strong colors, illuminating the images with a lot of light. To highlight new products of special offers, it is a good idea to use soft shadows.


For the text included in the bi-fold brochure to be easily legible, the appropriate fonts must be selected. It is always advisable to use classical fonts, such as Times or Helvetic, as they are fonts that can be perfectly read in their different sizes. Usually, no more than two fonts to avoid visual confusion. Anything in the text that you want to make stand out can be achieved by using bold, italic, underline, or shading styles.


The paper of a bi-fold brochure which is used as catalog should be resistant to the use, as well as visually attractive. For this reason, cardboard is generally used. It is a type of paper of maximum durability and excellent level of definition. It is then recommended to print bi-fold brochures-catalogs in cardstock paper of 80# or 100# or more, to get durable pieces. The cardboard can be glossy or matte. In the first case, colors will be strongly highlighted, while in the second case, the style will be elegant and rhythmic, with a great definition of the images and words.


In the case of bi-fold brochures used as catalogs, it is useful to make a full color printing, since that way the photographs excel more, and therefore the products become more attractive in the eyes of the public. Nowadays four-color printing (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) is very popular due to its excellent results and affordable costs. Anyway, in case of having a much reduced budget, it is also possible to make bi-fold brochures in black and white or monochromatic, in which case the designer will have to maximize his creative capacities to obtain an equally impressive piece.


Since the catalogs are pieces designed to be consulted over the course of time, it is important that they be resistant. Therefore, in the event of printing them on cardboard without finish, it is highly recommended to laminate them. Laminating consists of covering the printed paper with a plastic layer, obtaining a piece of great duration. There are glossy and matte laminates, both to obtain a catalog with bright colors as for obtaining a catalog smoother and defined.